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Welcome to F.B.I Coffee House

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Established in 2018, and a long time in planning, our very own coffee house is the newest and most exciting addition to the Farr Bay Inn. 

Our vision began in 2013 and we've been brewing idea's ever since. 


We wanted to make it perfect, so we took our time and really focussed on creating something unique that sets us apart. We sought to create a coffee house that could embody all that we strive for in every aspect of our business...

Our Coffee ensuring quality across the board.


As part of our ethos, we are sure to only use the best quality Fair trade & Organic beans in all of our espresso drinks. 

However, we know that this isn't always enough to ensure a better quality of life for Coffee Bean Growing Communities.

From 16th - 22nd April 2018, we're taking part in UK Coffee Week with one goal in mind... to raise as much as possible for Project Waterfall. 

Thank you to all who visited us and donated during our opening week! 

Our Range of Loose Leaf Teas 

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